Tuesday, September 15, 2020

GOLDEN ONE: Omega Files 3 out now!


📚Book 3 in my bestselling Omega Files action-adventure series is available now on Amazon. The follow-up to Atlantis Gold and Ark Found, GOLDEN ONE follows a modern-day search for the legendary lost city of El Dorado. The series can be read in any order. 
Free for #Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
I truly appreciate all of your shares, tweets, etc to get the word out! Many thanks to my readers of this series as we expand to adventure #3! 💪
A Paperback edition will be available in the next few days, and an Audible audio edition next month.
Book Description:
The Amazon Top 100 best-selling action-adventure series continues!
GOLDEN ONE: An Omega Files Adventure (Book 3)



London, England, October 29, 1618

Notorious explorer Sir Walter Raleigh is on the chopping block for treason. In return for a quick and painless execution, he gives up a secret map that he insists leads to a New World treasure beyond compare.

New York City, Present Day

After winning an artifact at auction that he believes holds a clue to the whereabouts of El Dorado, former Naval Historian Carter Hunt soon learns that his Omega Team isn’t the only organization searching for physical manifestations of the golden legend.

Omega Team escapes the city to the high-altitude rain forests of South America in pursuit of a lost legend, and to combat those who are bound and determined to control the most awe-inspiring cache of precious metal on the planet.

The Omega Files novels can be read in any order, but for those who wish to read sequentially, Book 1 is ATLANTIS GOLD, Book 2 is ARK FOUND, and Book 3 is GOLDEN ONE.


"Ancient mysteries, global conspiracies, and nonstop thrills! Books like these are the reason I love action-adventure! Fans of Clive Cussler and James Rollins will find treasure within the pages of ATLANTIS GOLD!"
~David Wood, USA Today bestselling author of the Dane Maddock Adventures

"Rick Chesler's ATLANTIS GOLD is a high-flying, deep-diving,treasure-hunting adventure romp that will keep you turning pages and leave you hungry for more."
~Sean Ellis, author of FORTUNE FAVORS (A Nick Kismet Adventure).

“I love the fast pace and interesting characters, some history and some myth. Can't wait for the next exciting adventure.” ~ Reader review on ARK FOUND


"The perfect combination of great research and impossible to put down writing."
~Jeremy Robinson, international bestselling author of Apocalypse Machine and Project Nemesis

"Great scientific concepts that are based in reality."

"A whale of a tale involving modern-day pirates, media moguls, and a sexy federal agent -- all chasing a cetacean-mounted camcorder and the crucial piece of evidence needed to resolve a murder.
~Steve Alten, New York Times Bestselling author of MEG, on WIRED KINGDOM

Friday, July 3, 2020

GOLDEN ONE: Omega Files Book 3 now up for pre-order!


📚Book 3 in my bestselling Omega Files action-adventure series is now up for pre-order on Amazon. The follow-up to Atlantis Gold and Ark Found, GOLDEN ONE follows a modern-day search for the legendary lost city of El Dorado.
Special pre-order price of $3.99 until release on 9/15. For those who pre-order, you will not actually be charged until a couple of days before the actual release date, and the ebook will be automatically downloaded to your device at that time (9/15). Paperback and audiobook editions cannot be pre-ordered but will be available shortly after the release date.
I truly appreciate all of your shares, tweets, etc to get the word out! Many thanks to my readers of this series as we expand to adventure #3! ðŸ´‍☠️🦜🌞

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New thriller release: EDIT


I'm excited to announce that my latest novel, a creature thriller called EDIT, has just released from Severed Press! Excerpt below. Right now it is only available as a Kindle-exclusive ebook but a paperback edition will be available shortly and audio is on the way. ðŸðŸ¦–🐊🐝

An accomplished geneticist, known for trailblazing work with a gene editing technology known as CRISPR, is found dead at his desk in his South Florida home by apparent suicide. His jugular vein punctured with a foot-long T-rex claw. However, the claw is not a fossilized one. A simple note signed by the scientist reads, “I’m sorry.”

A team of researchers and park rangers is hastily and quietly assembled to find out what it is he’s apologized for, suspecting he has unleashed a genetically altered animal atrocity into the wild. Unsure of exactly what to look for, the expedition sets out into the Everglades in a desperate search of what they fear might be a living predator not seen on Earth for millions of years.

What they find is even worse—The entire Everglades has been transformed into an illicit breeding ground for the living, breathing results of unauthorized genetic tampering with extinct predators.

Will the harried band of park rangers and scientists be able to contain the most outlandish bio-threat the world has ever seen? Or will the terrifying genetic EDITs made by the rogue scientist prove too ferocious to contain?

"Michael Crichton meets Matthew Reilly in this action-packed creature thriller!" ~ USA Today Bestseller David Wood, author of Primordial

"Awesome. Simply Awesome. Chesler strikes again with another unpotdownable saga." ~ USA Today Bestseller, Nick Thacker, author of the Harvey Bennett Thrillers

Abernathy nodded. He was younger than Bravia had expected, still in his thirties. Not the stereotypical nerd look, either, this guy wore jeans and a sportcoat with no tie, running shoes, sunglasses on retainers around his neck rather than bifocals, and looked to be physically fit. He was by far the youngest person in the room, with the exception of the receptionist.
“Yeah, he was pretty aggressive about working with me, actually, and I liked that. He had some interesting ideas, but a lot of people do in our line of work,” he said, casting an acknowledging glance at his colleagues, who nodded subtly. “But the difference is, he knew how to make them actionable. He wasn’t all talk, he really kept up a dialogue until I agreed to meet him in person. We had coffee at this little Cuban café over at Miami Beach. I thought I’d be there maybe twenty minutes. Three hours later I walked out with a new vision and one hell of a caffeine high.”


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Rick Chesler