Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wired Kingdom on sale for 99 cents kindle edition!

Currently listing on bestselling #kindle Crime and Sea Adventures:


When a blue whale tagged with a web-cam broadcasts a brutal murder at sea, FBI Special Agent Tara Shores finds herself navigating an ocean of manipulation and deceit in a deadly race to reach the 100-ton creature before an unknown killer can destroy the digital evidence it carries.


"A whale of a tale by first-time author Rick Chesler involving

modern-day pirates, media moguls, and a sexy federal agent -- all

chasing a cetacean-mounted camcorder and the crucial piece of evidence

needed to resolve a murder."

~Steve Alten, NY Times bestselling author of GRIM REAPER and MEG

"WIRED KINGDOM is a fast-paced thriller that is one third

deep-sea adventure, one third FBI sleuthing and one third awesome. A

superb debut novel and killer concept."

~Jeremy Robinson, author of PULSE and INSTINCT

"This is a summer page turner. It won't challenge your  belief system and
it doesn't stray too far from the whodunnit genre. But if you're
looking for an entertaining read from someone new, I highly recommend
Wired Kingdom...Remember when Michael Crichton was good? This is who I'm reminded of when I read Wired Kingdom."