Friday, May 6, 2016

Audiobook release for sci-thriller LUNA

Out NOW! ‪#‎Audiobook‬ edition of my sci-chiller, LUNA. This is the Audible link (above) but it is also available now on Amazon (below) and will be on iTunes shortly if not already.

On the threshold of opening the moon to tourist excursions, a private space firm owned by a visionary billionaire takes a team of non-astronauts to the lunar surface. To address concerns that the moon's barren rock may not hold long-term allure for an uber-wealthy clientele, the company's charismatic owner reveals to the group the ultimate discovery: life on the moon.

But what is initially a triumphant and world-changing moment soon gives way to unrelenting terror as the team experiences firsthand that despite their technological prowess, the moon still holds many secrets

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