Tuesday, January 26, 2016

JURASSIC DEAD 2 Audiobook Released


#Audiobook edition of Jurassic Dead 2: Z-Volution released. Narrated by Andrew Tell.

Available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Amazon link:

Jurassic Dead 2 is book 2 in the Jurassic Dead trilogy. The books are meant to be read in order.

Jurassic Dead 2: Z-Volution
After the discovery of a dormant zombie virus in preserved Antarctic dinosaur specimens, billionaire visionary and megalomaniac, William DeKirk, proceeds with his plan to unleash a zombie-dinosaur army upon the world, starting with Washington, DC. The US military struggles to prevent the contagion's spread and to defend against the onslaught of prehistoric monstrosities as all-out war breaks out between the living and the dead. However, DeKirk has even farther-reaching plans.
Modifying the virus to allow for greater control, he intends to impart upon himself all the benefits of zombie-ism - near indestructibility, immortality and immunity to attacks of other zombies, including the dinosaurs, which he can now direct at will. Nothing can stop him from eradicating civilization as we know it, except possibly returning heroes Alex Ramirez and Veronica Winters. The unlikely pair must rescue the one scientist who may hold the key to arresting the zombie apocalypse, a CDC expert trapped in a besieged Atlanta office. Can they secure the antidote and turn the tide before the plague reaches its full potential, or will the planet return to the dominion of its long-extinct masters and a new tide of undead humanity?

Audiobook edition for JURASSIC DEAD (book 1, Narrated by Andrew Tell.):

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jurassic Dead 3: Ctrl Z released today


by Rick Chesler and David Sakmyster
Published by Severed Press

Three months after the fall of Washington D.C., the planet is a hellish battleground for an all-out war between prehistoric undead forces and the scattered remnants of the living. Billionaire William DeKirk, now ruling the last vestiges of civilization, is human no longer, but rather an unpredictable rogue driven by a noxious blend of primordial virus and modern day sociopath. He deliberately spreads the zombie plague across the world and deploys his dinosaur-human army to destroy survivors or coerce them into pledging allegiance to his undead flag. 

But the resistance movement has its own plan to hit Ctrl-Z and undo the zombie apocalypse. Alex Ramirez, Special Agent Veronica Winters and Major Casey Remington have placed their last hope to restore civilization in a zombie antidote developed at great cost in the utmost secrecy. In his darkest moment yet, Alex must confront the grim reality that the only way to defeat a monster is to become one himself. 

Jurassic Dead 3 is a sequel to the first 2 books in the series, which should be read in order:


#kindle edition available now, paperback and audiobook coming soon.


"JURASSIC DEAD is a wild collision of modern SF and oldschool horror. Over the top, inventive and scary fun!" -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of FALL OF NIGHT and V-WARS

"Sakmyster and Chesler have crafted an taut, explosive zombie novel with Jurassic Dead. The characters are three dimensional, the plot gripping, and the action non-stop. The worst part of the book were the words The End on the last page. Because I wanted more. -Phillip Tomasso, author of THE VACCINATION TRILOGY and BLOOD RIVER

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New thriller release: OUTCAST Ops: Red Ice


OUTCAST Ops: Red Ice

A new street drug on American shores is already claiming victims up and down the West Coast. A potent new form of methamphetamine called Red Ice is being produced and used not by an ordinary criminal gang, but a unit of North Korean Special Forces soldiers with a plan to reignite the Korean War on American soil. 

Enter OUTCAST (Operational Undertaking To Counteract Active Stateside Threats)--six ex-operatives from six of America’s most powerful organizations. Each has been unceremoniously released by their respective former employer for alleged misdoings that leave their pride wounded but their essential skill-sets untouched. After uniting over their shared bond of dismissal from the nation’s most elite outfits, the disgruntled spooks realize that they can work together like never before to take down threats to their beloved country, a country that branded them as outcasts but needs them now more than ever. 

As they wage an all-out war on the North Koreans and their Triad allies through the streets of San Francisco, OUTCAST is hell-bent on showing America that their way isn't the best way--it's the only way. 

Red Ice is Book 4 in the OUTCAST Ops series. Game of Drones is Book 1. The Poseidon Initiative is Book 2. African Firestorm is Book 3. They can be read in any order. 

OUTCAST Ops: Red Ice is a #kindle exclusive release at this time. Regular price is $3.99 but is available free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Monster Story Bundle Including JURASSIC DEAD!


The Monsters Bundle is what October is all about. Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson has put together a monstrous collection of for this bundle. You want werewolves? Check out Julie Frost's Pack Dynamics and Douglas Smith's The Wolf at the End of the World. Prehistoric monsters? Try Jurassic Dead by David A. Sakmyster & Rick Chesler, and Mammoth Dawn by Kevin J. Anderson and Gregory Benford.

You want occult forces and investigations? We have The Love-Haight Case Files by Jean Rabe and Don Bingle, Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie, P.I. by Kevin J. Anderson, and For This Is Hell by Aaron Rosenberg and Steven Savile. Horrific killers that make Hannibal Lecter look like a lightweight? There's Empty Rooms by Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Helmet Head by Michael A. Baron. Or just plain scary weirdness? Matt Forbeck's Monster Academy, Josh Vogt's Enter the Janitor, and Keith R.A. deCandido's Cayo Hueso. Plus you can choose to donate to The Challenger Learning Center when you grab a bundle!

Available for most ebook formats.



Monday, September 14, 2015

#Audiobook edition of OUTCAST Ops: The Poseidon Edition released

Audiobook edition now available for OUTCAST Ops: The Poseidon Initiative (Book 2 in the OUTCAST Ops military thriller series).

During a terrifying break-in at a marine laboratory, a European-North African terror group makes off with a large quantity of deadly nerve agent. Demands are made and large-scale attacks are launched in the United States from coast to coast.

Enter OUTCAST (Operational Undertaking to Counteract Active Stateside Threats) - six ex-operatives from six of America's most powerful organizations. Each has been unceremoniously released by their respective former employer for alleged misdoings that leave their pride wounded but their essential skill-sets untouched. After uniting over their shared bond of dismissal from the nation's most elite outfits, the disgruntled spooks can now work together like never before to take down threats to their beloved country, a country that branded them as outcasts but needs them now more than ever.

When the President of the United States becomes a target of the terror group while hosting a party on his yacht, OUTCAST is hell-bent on showing America that their way isn't the best way - it's the only way.



Also available on iTunes

Also available in kindle and paperback formats.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New thriller LUNA released today


"Tremors in space!"

By Rick Chesler

Published 8/27/15 by Severed Press 

On the threshold of opening the moon to tourist excursions, a private space firm owned by a visionary billionaire takes a team of non-astronauts to the lunar surface. To address concerns that the moon’s barren rock may not hold long-term allure for an uber-wealthy clientele, the company’s charismatic owner reveals to the group the ultimate discovery: life on the moon. 

But what is initially a triumphant and world-changing moment soon gives way to unrelenting terror as the team experiences firsthand that despite their technological prowess, the moon still holds many secrets.


Kindle edition:


Paperback edition: