Monday, September 29, 2014

Just released: Paperback edition of OUTCAST Ops: The Poseidon Initiative

Just released: Paperback edition of OUTCAST Ops: The Poseidon Initiative

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Smashwords (multiple e-book formats):

During a terrifying break-in at a marine laboratory, a European-North African terror group makes off with a large quantity of deadly nerve agent. Demands are made and large-scale attacks are launched in the United States from coast to coast. 

Enter O.U.T.C.A.S.T. (Operational Undertaking To Counteract Active Stateside Threats)--six ex-operatives from six of America’s most powerful organizations. Each has been unceremoniously released by their respective former employer for alleged misdoings that leave their pride wounded but their essential skill-sets untouched. After uniting over their shared bond of dismissal from the nation’s most elite outfits, the disgruntled spooks can now work together like never before to take down threats to their beloved country, a country that branded them as outcasts but needs them now more than ever. 

When the President of the United States becomes a target of the terror group while hosting a party on his yacht, OUTCAST is hell-bent on showing America that their way isn't the best way--it's the only way. 

The Poseidon Initiative is Book 2 of the OUTCAST Ops series. Book 1 is Game of Drones, co-authored by Rick Jones and Rick Chesler. The OUTCAST Ops books are designed to be able to be read in any order. They are all installments in the same series featuring the OUTCAST team characters in different scenarios, not true sequels.

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