Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SOLAR ISLAND: December 11

On December 11, 2012, the sun will rise over new thriller SOLAR ISLAND!


What is Solar Island?
An artificial island, roaming the ocean, harvesting the sun’s power…
An independent nation, ruled by a visionary genius…
A crime scene…
For more than a year, Solar Island, the creation of revolutionary engineer Dr. Jacob Lightner, has traversed the Pacific Ocean, reaping the sun’s endless bounty of energy and providing electricity to developing nations.  But is Lightner a benevolent genius, pioneering a new path to energy independence and sustainability? Or is he a power-hungry despot, intent on using the power of Solar Island to reshape the political landscape of the Pacific Rim, willing to murder anyone who gets in his way?
Responding to a cryptic message, FBI Special Agent Tara Shores goes undercover to untangle the web of intrigue and oppression that conceals Lightner’s true purpose.  But nothing can prepare her for the struggle that will test the limits of her physical, mental and emotional endurance…the battle to control Solar Island.

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