Saturday, June 2, 2012

BLOOD HARBOR Kickstarter campaign: FUNDED!

 Good news, suspense fans! The kickstarter campaign for my brand new novel, BLOOD HARBOR, has met its funding goal and so the book will be published in early 2013 (January for backers, February official release). As of this writing there are still 9 days remaining in the campaign, though, so if you'd like to get involved by making a pledge, you can still get your name in the Acknowledgements section of the book, as well as have a signed paperback mailed to you, or even narrate a chapter of the audiobook edition! Here's a description of the novel:

Matt Knox managed to reach middle age without ever breaking a law. So far as he is aware, he has never transcended the law, ever, no matter how trivial. He will not step outside the lines of a crosswalk. He refuses to take the "creative" tax write-offs suggested to him by professional advisers. He will not opt to get away with anything simply because he can.
Until now.

When a local crime gang forces Matt into helping them rob a museum in order to take advantage of his holier than thou reputation, the floodgates Matt has carefully erected on the river of his true self come crashing down. His first targets: the criminals who unleashed his monster within. Their gruesome demises put a charming, California seaside town on extreme edge. But once the common criminals are dealt with, Matt struggles to put a stop to his new-found addiction, and a local cop, recently fired for being on the take, fights to convince the townspeople that Matt "The Saint" Knox is not at all what he seems.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, stop by the campaign on kickstarter, where you can essentially pre-order a copy with some extra perks:

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